Nelson and Collingwood roundels


One of a series of roundels along the exterior of the Pepys Building in the Old Royal Naval College.

Nelson’s roundel is one of thirteen which span the front of the building which was completed in 1883 and originally was used as fives and racquets courts. From 1906 it was used as a laboratory although squash courts remained in the wings of the building until 1998.

One of the other roundel busts is of Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood who was one of Nelson’s Band of Brothers and is buried close to Nelson in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Pepys Building has been used as a tourist information centre since about 2000 and in 2010 it revamped and rebranded as the Discover Greenwich centre.

The thirteen high relief sculptures set in roundels are of: Anson, Drake, Cook, Howard, Blake, Benbow, Sandwich, Rodney, Duncan, Collingwood, Howe, Nelson and St Vincent. 

The Pepys building was Grade II listed in 1995.

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